Charism and Mission

The Pauline charism–a new evangelization project that considers written preaching to be just as important as oral preaching–is extraordinarily timely but also a challenge to live in today’s world.

This gift was given by the Holy Spirit to Blessed James Alberione in view of his mission in the Church, namely: to live and communicate Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life through all the instruments of communication furnished by human progress.




The Pauline Mission

The Daughters of St. Paul dedicate their lives to the Gospel.

While it is important to provide material bread for all people and ensure that they are able to live in a dignified way, it is equally urgent to distribute the bread of the Gospel so as to respond to each person’s hunger for the Truth and for God.

Fr. Alberione invited the Daughters of St. Paul to centre their mission on the Word of God, but he also said: “Don’t speak only about religion. Speak about everything in a Christian way.” And he told them to do this by taking advantage of all the technologies of communication, by blazing new trails for the Gospel, by striving to be present at the “crossroads” and “meeting places” of humanity so that always more people can get to know and welcome Jesus. The Daughters of St. Paul live for this mission, which they carry out through numerous activities.


To broaden our distribution, we also have 32 agencies that disseminate our Pauline productions; we participate in national and international book fairs; we hold book and audiovisual displays in schools, parishes and in conjunction with various meetings and ecclesial/cultural events. With joy and apostolic passion, we hold Bible Weeks and Gospel Days, during which we carry out animation activities and distribute material to help people grow on the human and spiritual planes.


Pauline Publishing involves many different instruments and languages. Our 29 publishing houses throughout the world promote the Faith both explicitly and implicitly, the latter through publications aimed at human promotion from a Christian perspective.

Up to now, priority has been given to book publishing but we also have departments that produce mini-media (greeting cards, postcards, posters), music CDs and Video-CD-Roms. We publish several magazines; the Daughters of St. Paul of Australia publish two online magazines: one on catechetics (Echoing the Word) and the other on spirituality (Terra Spiritus). For several years now, the FSPs of Brazil have been offering the public an online magazine on theology and culture entitled Ciberteologia (Cybertheology),  Cibercatequese.

Other FSP publications:

Super + (a children’s magazine), Dialogo (religious education periodical) – Brazil
- Yagobe Umul (Jacob’s Well) (periodical for biblical-spiritual formation) – Korea
- Akebono (current events) – Japan
- Catechisti parrocchiali (Parish Catechists) – Italy

 - Pauline Magazine - Philippines


In some countries, we produce radio and TV programs. The Daughters of St. Paul of Bogota, Colombia, recently banded together with six other religious Institutes to found the television channel Cristovision. The channel serves as an instrument of evangelization by offering the public worthwhile programs. In Argentina, our sisters manage the popular broadcasting station, Radio Anatuya.

- WebTV Paulinas : Brazil
- Online Radio Paulines: Philippines


Visitors can get to know our mission better by visiting the Institute’s 38 web sites, which not only provide information on the Daughters of St. Paul but also investigate and use new forms of apostolate.


The Pauline charism has always placed great importance on the technical stage of the publishing apostolate, which extends and multiplies our message. Currently, we dedicate the major part of our publishing activities to the editorial and distribution stages, but in a few countries our sisters still own and operate typographies and binderies, which produce attractive publications.

The Daughters of St. Paul own and operate 224 Book & Media Centers on all the world’s continents. Forty-four other Pauline centers are run by the laity. In each one, people can find books, magazines, music, videos and CDs that can help satisfy their yearning to get to know and meet God. The Congregation also has 10 virtual Book & Media Centers on the Internet.


In all our circumscriptions, we carry out animation activities in the course of our apostolate and also for specific occasions to foster the formation of pastoral workers, communicators and all those to whom we direct our message.

So as to serve the Church and society, the Daughters of St. Paul have also set up a number of communication and media education centers:

-  Serviço a Pastoral da Comunicaçao (SEPAC) – Sao Paulo, Brazil

-  Centro de Comunicacion social Paulinas – Bogota, Colombia

-  Paulines Institute of Communication in Asia (PICA) – Pasay (Manila), Philippines

 Paulinas OTEC: Organismo Tecnico de Capacitacion – Santiago, Chile

Pauline Center for Media Studies – Los Angeles (California), United States

Media Spirituality Center – Seoul, Korea

-  Centri di cultura e comunicazione – Italy



Because the top priority of the Pauline apostolate is to promote and proclaim the Word of God, we publish many different editions of the Bible and Gospels, as well as multimedia aids for biblical formation.

For a number of years, two Pauline Biblical Centers have been organizing courses, meetings and study sessions:

Serviço de Animaçao Biblica (SAB), Brazil

Istituto biblico per corrispondenza “Ut Unum Sint” (Biblical Correspondence Course “Ut Unum Sint”), Korea.

Ut Unum Sint can be found on the Pauline Internet web site under the heading UNIVERSITA’ BIBLICA VIRTUALE, which offers online lessons, meditations and the chance for students to contribute their ideas.