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This Children's Day gift some poor children some good books. 

Or even some children who need to read... and are not reading enough.


Here is a good selection. 


Register and await an answer. 

Once we approve you as "FRIENDS", you will get 15% discount on books too.


Then place your order., 


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101 Moral Stories
Marina Andrade,  ISBN 978-81-7176-636-9 Pages 216 ..
Rs. 81.00
20 Moral Stories for Children (Colour)
Dorothy Serpes,  ISBN 978-81-7176-309-X Pages 47 ..
Rs. 64.00
25 Hit Rhymes and Songs for Kids - MP3
Here is a collection of 25 hit Rhymes and Songs for kids.  Look at the images for more infor..
Rs. 110.00
A Friend Named Jesus-DVD
Riccardo Pisani 30 Mins   ..
Rs. 150.00
A to Z Moral Stories (Colour)
Dorothy Serpes,  ISBN 978-81-7176-248-4 Pages 32 ..
Rs. 51.00
ABC See and Colour - Colouring book with Animals
Helen Albuquerque,   ISBN - 81-7176-144-5, ..
Rs. 64.00
Bible Stories (Read and Colour)
Leela Moozhayil, ISBN - 978-81-7176-146-1 ..
Rs. 30.00
DVD Kids in Action (See & Learn)
Kids in Action (See and Learn) 1. Hello Hello 2. All Things Bright and Beautiful 3. B..
Rs. 170.00
Miracle of Goodness and Other Stories - Big Colour Story book
Author: Lathika Panicker This book of 36 colourful pages with illustrations and stories will ..
Rs. 64.00
MP3 Boom Chika Chika Join in the party Super Hit Action Songs for Kids
MP3 Boom Chika Chika Join in the party Super Hit Action Songs for Kids 16 Feet tapping number..
Rs. 110.00
Story Of Christmas,The-VCD
Mediatoon, 47 Mins. ..
Rs. 150.00
Tiny Tots ABC Colouring Book
Author: Rosy Mathew fsp ..
Rs. 40.00
Wise Kings Journey,The-DVD
CFRT,Paris 56Mins ..
Rs. 150.00