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10 Lessons for Inner Strength in Challenging Times
Rs. 170.00
40 Ways to Get Closer to God
Would you like to be  closer to God? Sometimes it's not enough to just  take  ..
Rs. 195.00
A New Look at the Eucharist  - From Corinth to Jerusalem
Author: Fr. Erasto Fernandez  SSS Links Eucharistic Themes with the outstanding quality ..
Rs. 240.00
An Eight Day Ignatian Retreat - Using the Do-it-yourself method
This little BOOKLET is a handy way to make an Ignatian Retreat all by yourself.  Fr George U..
Rs. 70.00
Angels - Help from on High   Stories and Prayers
ISBN 978-81-7176-877-6 “Not only religious writers but also thinkers of all types have spent ..
Rs. 110.00
Be Healed - A Guide to Encountering the Powerful Love of Jesus in your Life
  Be Healed : A Guide to Encounter the powerful Love of Jesus in your Life is based on S..
Rs. 210.00
Be Transformed : The Healing Power of the Sacraments
How can we grow spiritually in the midst of sinfulness?   When offered to God, nothi..
Rs. 275.00
Best of Being Catholic, The
"Kathy Coffey brings us a book full of light and hope in a time when many feel the Church is hope..
Rs. 170.00
Best of Henri Nouwen, The
Robert Durback,   " telling us his story (Henri Nouwen) invites us to revisit our own st..
Rs. 75.00
Can You Drink The Cup?
Henri J M Nouwen ISBN - 978-81-7176-300-6 ..
Rs. 130.00
Come and See - Formation for Discernment of Vocation
George Ukken SJ Come and See  - Formation for Discernment of Vocation is a handbook for..
Rs. 100.00
Cry of the Deer
In The Cry of the Deer, David Adam, one of the leading exponents of the revival of Celtic Christi..
Rs. 200.00
Cup of our Life, The
Joyce Rupp, This creative guide for individual and group prayer offers six weekly themes base..
Rs. 145.00
Discernment  - Acquiring the Heart of God
MARKO IVAN RUPNIK SJ,  So much about our contemporary living can distract and disorie..
Rs. 150.00
Divine Mercy (Threshold Bible Study) - Stephen J. Binz
DIVINE MERCY The fundamental character of God in the Bible is mercy. Only a God who stands ab..
Rs. 210.00
Echoes of the Word - A New Kind of Monk on the Meaning of Life
Visitors to the Egyptian and Palestinians wilderness in the fourth century, would ask the elder m..
Rs. 200.00
Encountering Jesus in Word, Sacraments and Works of Charity
Foreword by Cardinal Donald Wuerl   This is an invaluable source for anyone looking ..
Rs. 145.00
Everyday Epiphanies
Everyday Epiphanies-Melannie believes that God is speaking to us always: in our sorrows and joys,..
Rs. 155.00
Faith Can Give us Wings - The Art of Letting Go
" Why do you look so happy?"people have been asking Notker Wolf for years.Faith can give us wings..
Rs. 220.00
For the Sanctification of Priests...
Congregatio Pro, ISBN - 978-81-7176-676-5 ..
Rs. 20.00