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 First Holy Communion Prayers (Marathi)
Compiled and Translated by Sr Stella Pereira FSP Based on "Preparing for First Holy Commu..
Rs. 20.00
101 Prayers for Various Occassions
Liza Luis FSP   101 Prayers for Various Occasions is a book of short thanksgiving pr..
Rs. 75.00
20 Intense Prayers for Youth
Joeyanna D’Souza fsp,  By reading this booklets, our youth will understand that though s..
Rs. 20.00
20 Prayer Services  based on Parables
Jesus used parables extensively in his teaching.Matthew, Mark and Luke record several of these pa..
Rs. 110.00
200 Morning Prayers
Bp. Percival Fernandez,   ISBN 978-81-7176-464-8 Pages 206 ..
Rs. 70.00
500 and More Prayers for Christian Schools and Parish Youth Groups
Author: Filomena Tassi & Peter Tassi   Whether you need a prayer for the beginni..
Rs. 180.00
Angels - Help from on High   Stories and Prayers
ISBN 978-81-7176-877-6 “Not only religious writers but also thinkers of all types have spent ..
Rs. 110.00
Biblical Stations of the Cross
Author: Sr Anita John FSP   This pocket size way of the cross is based on Scriptural..
Rs. 10.00
Bless my Child : A Parent's Prayer Book
Bless My Child: A Parent's Prayer Book This book offers parents a rich variety of prayers for..
Rs. 90.00
Come Let us Worship, Eucharistic Adoration
Miriam N fsp,  A collection of reflections. prayers that are deeply rooted  in the ..
Rs. 110.00
Devotion to the Divine Mercy
Compiled By Clare Ukken FSP,  ISBN - 978-81-7176-740-3 To enable better logistics, 5..
Rs. 20.00
Divine Mercy Devotion (Marathi) - Dayavant Yeshuchi Bhakti
St Faustina Kowalska received a vision to worship Jesus as the Divine Mercy and to celebrate the ..
Rs. 10.00
Eucharistic Adoration
Antonette & Rosy,  ISBN - 978-81-7176-595-5 ..
Rs. 120.00
Favourite Prayers for Children
Compiled by Rosy Mathew  FSP,  ISBN - 978-81-7176-738-0 To enable better logist..
Rs. 10.00
Good Morning Lord
Joseph T. Sullivan,  Good morning , Lord ! The sun is coming up, roosters are cr..
Rs. 90.00
Hindi Divine Mercy Booklet (Ishwariya Daya ke liye nauroji aur maala vinti)
Divine Mercy Book let in Hindi is published by Atmonnati Prakashan, Allahabad. pp 36. Hal..
Rs. 10.00
Hindi Rosary Booklet - Rosary maala vinti
pp. 52 Copyright ( c) The Pauline Sisters Nagpur Imprimatur Abp. Abrahaham V. (Archbishop..
Rs. 10.00
Inviting God In
Joyce Rupp, ISBN - 978-81-7176-638-3 ..
Rs. 75.00
Kautumbik Prarthana Pustak (Marathi)
Compiled by Stella Pereira FSP ISBN - 978-81-7176-133-X ..
Rs. 35.00
Let us Pray the Rosary
FSP. 978-81-7176-536-X ..
Rs. 25.00
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