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Francis Xavier (Book)
Aloysius Lazarus,  ISBN 978-81-7176-163-1 Pages 79 ..
Rs. 40.00
Good Pope - St John XXIII, The
St John XXIII's journey from a peasant family to the vineyard of the Lord was one where he was gi..
Rs. 80.00
Life of St. Paul
Leela Moozhayil fsp,  ISBN 978 -81 -7176 -645 -1 Pages 47 ..
Rs. 20.00
Lives of Saints Part I & II
Vincent Vaz SDB,   ..
Rs. 590.00
Maria Goretti (Book)
Author : Godfrey Poage ISBN :81-7176-337-5 ..
Rs. 50.00
More Saints for you
Russell Foulds ISBN 978 - 81 - 7176 -627 - 7 Pages 159 ..
Rs. 55.00
Paint a Saint Read & Colour  (Children)
Authors: Cathy and Naomi A set of 14 saints - St Therese of Child Jesus, Joan of Arc , Teres..
Rs. 45.00
Paul Conquered by Christ
Helen Albuquerque fsp,  ISBN 978-81-7176-657-4 Pages 144 ..
Rs. 50.00
Paul for Our Time
Edited by Antonette FSP,  Despite being read on sundays' Paul is not among those saints ..
Rs. 65.00 Rs. 30.00
Pope John Paul II - My Beloved Predecessor
 Author : Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI ..
Rs. 65.00
Reclaiming Francis - How the Saint and the Pope are renewing the Church
When Abp Jorge Bergolio chose the name Francis a renewed sense of hope and energy swept through t..
Rs. 150.00
Remembering Alphonsa - The First Indian Woman Saint
Author: Leela Moozhayil dsp   ..
Rs. 65.00
Remembering Mother Teresa
Leela Moozhayil fsp,  ISBN 978-81-7176-290-5 Pages 86 ..
Rs. 70.00
Remembering Pope John Paul II
Leela & Lissy fsp,  ISBN 978-81-7176-510-6 Pages 104 ..
Rs. 60.00
Saint Faustiina Kowalska
Susan Helen, Wallace FSP,   ISBN - 978-81-7176-667-3 ..
Rs. 40.00
Saints for Kids Vol. 2  (with coloured pictures)
Compiled by Sr Caroline Duia fsp and Sr Michelle Mathias fsp Pp 32.00 ISBN 978171768981 ..
Rs. 70.00
Saints for Kids Vol. 3 (coloured pictured)
Compiled by Srs Caroline Duia fsp and Michelle Mathias fsp Coloured full-page pictures of sai..
Rs. 70.00
Saints for Kids Vol. 4  (with full-page coloured pictures)
Compiled by Caroline Duia & Michelle Mathias FSP This special series of books focusses on..
Rs. 70.00
Saints For Kids Vol. 5 (with full-page coloured pictures)
 Compiled by Caroline Duia & Michelle Mathias FSP This special series of books focu..
Rs. 70.00
Saints for Kids Vol.1 (in  colour)
This special series of books focuses on the lives , miracles and martyrdom of some of the Saints...
Rs. 75.00