Prayer Songs and Dances

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DVD -  Nritya Aradhana - Worship in Dance Sr Silviya fsp
Main Artist : Sr Silviya Fsp  B.A. in Dance from Navsadhaha, Varanasi Check covers for d..
Rs. 200.60
DVD - Lord Your Light - Prayers and Hymns from the Prayer of the Church
Eight Psalms or Hymns from the MP3  GREAT IS YOUR NAME (Psalms and Hymns from the Prayer of ..
Rs. 200.60
DVD - Sing a New Song - Hymns with Nature Visuals - DVD
Hymns sung by Carolind Duia Fsp , Rohan D'Souza, Brian Colaco put to beautiful nature visuals, to..
Rs. 200.60
DVD o Colours of Life - A dance album for kids
The DVD has 11 songs dance format. It is the outcome of competition organized for doing any d..
Rs. 200.60
Glory to You-DVD
Hymns with Visuals, Sr. Caroline, Brian Colaco ..
Rs. 177.00