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Book Marks / Souvenirs

Book Marks are art paper cards which have some inspirational matter printed on them. They are usually used as memntos or souveniors with something printed at the back.

They are available in different themes., colours

They can be used as book markers or to keep under your transparent table-glass sheet in your office or mounted on the wall on a board prepared for them, so that you can change them regularly, according to occasion.


We usually sell them in packets of 100.

If you buy them from our book centres , you can buy one piece at a time.

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PLBM119.   Sold in packets of 100 bookmarks. ..
Rs. 200.00
Sold in packets of 100 bookmarks. .. Price of a packet is 150.00 ..
Rs. 150.00
PLBM115.    Sold in packets of 100 bookmarks. There's only one You  &..
Rs. 200.00