Not Mantras - No Rituals Just Love

Not Mantras - No Rituals Just Love
Not Mantras - No Rituals Just Love
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Malcolm Lyons, 

The tremendous achivements in technology witnessed in recent years have an anormous impact  on soceity.The

once unsophisticated, tiny communities have given way to a loosely knit, complex Global Village. Television,the 

Internet and rapid transport have greatly  influenced our working & social lives. And in the process our family and 

spritual values have also been affected. Increasingly , we see God & religion being maligned  or alienated in today's

ever -changing and, virtually , "anythings goes " society. Nevertheless, there is hope ! This book, "Not Nantras,Not

ritual s..... Just Love!" explains how and why, in this unhealthy state of our social & spiritual  environment, God is still

presentad even more relevant. The world is on the move and we should do all we can to ensure that it is going in the

right direction. There is a road  map in thise book which would enable us, individually and callectively, to do just that.





ISBN - 978-81-7176-635-2

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