Opening to God, A Guide to Prayer

Opening to God, A Guide to Prayer
Opening to God, A Guide to Prayer
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Thomas H Green SJ, 

Often we are drown to prayer but are timid and unsure about how to pray . For over thirtyears, Opening to God has

demystified prayer for countless thousands. Beginning with the assurance that the desire to pray is a signthat God

is present , Thomas Green SJ reveals prayer to be a passageway to new  spiritual terrain,accissible to all who want

to go there . Friendly and inviting , Opening to God explains what prayer is all about and why it is relevant to our lives,

and then turns to techniques that ready the soul to encounter  God . Mining his experienceas a Jesuit missionary and

 spiritual director,Green shakes away the  cobwebs and banishes stodgy assumtions about a spiritual life  that is fed by  the practice of prayer.





ISBN - 978-81-7176-734-2

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