Consecrated Life through Two Millennia

Consecrated Life through Two Millennia
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 Isaac Padinjarekuttu, 

The readers will draw inspiration from the committed life of countless consecrated men and women who have rendered commendable service to the church and the world.

ISBN 978-81-7176-644- 4                

Pages: 192

In spite of set backs, opposition, and declining number in some parts of the world, there are about a million “consecrated” men and women in the world today. There have always been men and women in the Church, who were ready to listen to the radical call of the Gospel and bring about a decisive dynamism in the Church of their times.  This book is a short and straightforward history of this extraordinary phenomenon from its beginning to the present day.  An important feature of this book is that it makes a person special mention of the role of women and their contributions.  Moreover, a brief mention of consecrated life in the protestant and Eastern Churches and the origins of monasticism and consecrated life in India is also made. The various chapters of this book correspond to the paradigm shift in the history of consecrated life. This book dedicates one chapter on religious life in the twenty first century with special reference to Vatican II.

Issac Padinjarekuttu is a priest of the Diocese of Kohima, Nagaland, and holds a Doctorate in Theology.  He taught Theology and history of Christianity at Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pontifical Institute of  Philosophy and Religion, Pune, India, from 1994-2006.  He has written extensively on History of Christianity, Theology, Christian Spirituality and related topics.

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