Echoes of the Word - A New Kind of Monk on the Meaning of Life

Echoes of the Word - A New Kind of Monk on the Meaning of Life
Echoes of the Word - A New Kind of Monk on the Meaning of Life
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Visitors to the Egyptian and Palestinians wilderness in the fourth century, would ask the elder monks for ‘a word’. The ‘words’ given them, flowed out of the prayer and spiritual lives, communal wisdom and understanding of scripture of the Desert  Fathers – Echoes of the Word indeed.

 In the 45 meditations, Bianchi draws inspiration from the collection of ‘words’- the pearls of wisdom’, synthesizing patristic and monastic wisdom and applying it to today’s word, helping our generation walk our journey, giving direction to our inner life, and assisting us build a conviction that life has meaning .

This book is to be read and savoured and then re-read. Bianchi himself says the reader will at times find him or herself returning to terrain already travelled, but each time a different perspective is revealed, the point of view changes and a different choice is made at the crossroad.”

About the Author

ENZO Bianchi was born in 1943, in Castel Boglione, Piedmont, Italy. As a young Catholic layman, ENZO Bianchi founded the ecumenical monastic Bose community in Italy in 1965 in the fervour of renewal of the second Vatican Council. He is still the community’s prior. He is a well-known author of books on lectio divina and spiritual life which have translated in many languages. Bianchi has dedicate himself to the search for spiritual capable of giving vitality to Christians today and furthering communion among all people. On July 22, 2014 Pope Francis appointed him as an advisor to the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for promoting Christian Unity.


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