Faith Can Give us Wings - The Art of Letting Go

Faith Can Give us Wings - The Art of Letting Go
Faith Can Give us Wings - The Art of Letting Go
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" Why do you look so happy?"people have been asking Notker Wolf for years.Faith can give us wings is an answer to the question above, wherein he speaks about realities of life- beauty, joy, belief , trust, fears, suffering, pain finding meaning, forgiveness and many otherimportant questions that humen beings would generally have. Wolf 's reflection will wake the readers up to things that really matter, stirring and enlivening 'faith' that has been buried and lying dormant all the while. Wolf;s honest sharing  of his own life, ideas and opinions, reveal his simplicity and wisdom at the same time. His life as a monk, and his effort in reconciling and fiding God's will in being a ro ck musician, will inspire one to seek God's will in what / where we are, and in what we do. Realization will then break in - it is possible indeed to have wings in faith- and fly!

The book is ideal for all those who strive to live life meaning-full.

About the Author

Born in 1940 in Unterallgau, Bavaria, NOTKER WOLF is the Abbot primateof the Benedictine Confederation of the Order of Saint Benedict since 2000. He is author of 19 books which has been translated into many languages. He is also a musician who plays electric guitar and flute for the rock group Feedback and has performed both traditional Benedictine  music and Christian rock and theology project, and being also interested in interfaith dailogue, he currently sits on the Board of  World Religious Leaders for the Elijah Interfaith Institute.

He lives at the Confederation's headquaters at Sant' Anselmo in Rome, Italy. 


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