The Sure Cure for Worry - Learning to Trust God No matter What happens

The Sure Cure for Worry - Learning to Trust God No matter What happens
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As we look ahead to tomorrow,

it is hard not to worry—about financial pressures,

                                    family issues, problems at work,

                                                                        and so much more. . . .

We may even feel helpless as worry threatens to drain out our very life.

Bestselling author, Kent Crockett in The Sure Cure for Worry explains how God can guide us, even now, along his chosen path, without our realizing it—from the circumstances we face, to the people we meet—to accomplish his plan. Crockett reveals the two necessities that enable us to face the future without fear: believing that God is in control, and learning to let him guide us. The Sure Cure for Worry will help us to do both so we can live one day at a time, release our problems to God and live life to the fullest.

Despite the title The Sure Cure for Worry suggesting the book is meant for worriers, it is in fact for anyone who believes God plays a role in his or her life—no matter what his or her future holds.

KENT CROCKETT, a graduate from A&M University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Texas, is author of many books including, The 911 Handbook; Making Today Count for Eternity; 10 Secrets to Life's Biggest Challenges; I Once Was Blind but Now I Squint, and Slaying Your Giants. Kent, besides having served as pastor in a number of churches, has also worked as an editor for a Christian publishing company, as director of development at Brewton-Parker College in Georgia. His life's goal is to be pleasing to the Lord in all things, to make today count for eternity and to finish well in running the race of  life.


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