Features and Benefits

www.paulineindia.org  is an authorised online shop for interested clients that all them to buy quality Books, Minimedia (posters, bookmarks, Wall hangings) and Audio-visuals from Pauline Publications and Communications. We are equipped with a secure online store with the latest facilities, fine tailored with the customer requirements in mind.

Features and Benefits:

Book Description – Gives a description for every book,  its price and stock availability. Most products are with Discounts. In addition, even for taxable products, the amount is clearly mentioned.  All the productions, whether books or audio-visuals are categorized in order  to help the client select the product she or he is looking for, with ease.

Best Sellers and New titles:  The books which are best sold, the new titles are neatly made clear on the home page of the online shop, so that you can get value for your money and read what others think is good reading stuff.

Newsletter: Those interested can receive a newsletter of new books and reprinted titles, every month, by subscribing to it.

Order Management: On a successful order, the status is updated , order confirmed, processed , shipped and delivered by respectable courier services in the country and abroad.

Related and similar books: Books  which have related  subjects are also made available, so that the client can make a good selection all in one sale.

Search: SEARCH can be made by Tilte, Author, ISBN, key words.