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40 More Seasonal Homilies
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Good Pope - St John XXIII, The
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Making Paul Come Alive
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Paul for Our Time
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Tamil Bible Diary 2019 - Paperback
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10 Secrets to Life's Biggest Challenges
Author: Peter Lord with Kent Crockett How  you can prepare for a better tomorrow &nb..
Rs. 175.00
A Better Way to Think - How Positive Thoughts Can Change your Life
Author: H Norman Wright Synopsis: Do you struggle with your own thoughts? Thoughts of wor..
Rs. 175.00
A Confident Heart - How to stop Doubting Yourself & Live in the Security of God's Promises
About the book: Ever Feel like you are not good enough, smart enough or valuable enough? In '..
Rs. 240.00
Ageing Gracefully , Staying Fit and Healthy
Ageing is not just a physical process, rather it is a state of mind. As you grow old take charge ..
Rs. 180.00
An Essential Guide to Public Speaking - Serving your audience with Faith, Skill and Virtue
An Essential Guide to Public Speaking - Serving your audience with Faith, Skill and Virtue - Th..
Rs. 170.00
Assertive Behaviour
Dr. Rituporna Raj,  This work-book on personality development by Dr. Rituporna Raj , on ..
Rs. 95.00
Attitudes of Gratitude
The Key to Living from on Open Heart  M J Ryan teaches us how to unlock the fullness of ..
Rs. 120.00
Befriending your Emotions
Janina Gomes The author brings out very concretely the multi-faceted nature of a variety of e..
Rs. 100.00
Building Relationship Through Communication
Paul J Donoghue, Phd & Mary E. Siegel, An excellent guide to communication at all levels...
Rs. 180.00
Courage to Love - When your marriage hurts
  Many couples get trapped in misery, thinking that their marriage is falling apart. The..
Rs. 200.00
Create Your Life Consciously
Dr Nikita Davidson,  In this book on self development and personal empowerment, Nikita D..
Rs. 160.00
Dare to See Differently
Feminist Point of View John D'Mello ISBN 978-81-7176-500-9 Pages 136 ..
Rs. 35.00
Faith Can Give us Wings - The Art of Letting Go
" Why do you look so happy?"people have been asking Notker Wolf for years.Faith can give us wings..
Rs. 220.00
Getting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down
Jeremy Kingsley, Jermy Kingsley knows what it's like to be knocked down. He understands hard ..
Rs. 120.00
Getting Past What You'll Never Get Over
Author: John F. Westfall With deep compassion, the author leads you beyond your pain and into..
Rs. 175.00
Getting the best of your Anger Before It gets the Best of You
Dr Les Carter T   his book helps you to take charge, whether you need to ues anger l..
Rs. 150.00
Have a New You by Friday :How to Accept Yourself, Boost Your Confidence & Change Your Life in 5 Days
Author: Dr. Kevin Leman How may times have you tried to change your habits, only to find that..
Rs. 210.00
Have you Felt like Giving Up Lately? Hope and Healing When you Feel Discouraged
If you have experienced hurt, sorrow, trians , pain, broken relationship , failure, then this is ..
Rs. 200.00
Healing the Soul - Finding Peace and Consolation when Life  Hurts
by Deacon Eddie Ensley, PhD   In Healing the Soul- finding peace and consolation whe..
Rs. 145.00
Healing Wounded Emotions - Overcoming Life's Hurts
Author: Martin H. PADOVANI Let the author show you how to overcome the hurts that life had o..
Rs. 160.00