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50 More Puzzles and Fun
Dr Pervin S Kate,  ISBN - 978-81-7176-775-5 ..
Rs. 65.00
500 Jokes, Riddles and Facts
Rajendra Pillai,  ISBN 978-81-7176-271-9 Pages 79 ..
Rs. 35.00
6 Stage Plays
Author: Christine Gomez If you have been looking for  Significant Stage Plays... ..
Rs. 65.00
9 Nine one-act plays on Value Education
Author: Suneel Hattangadi Today with the children and youth exposed to values which are dange..
Rs. 60.00
Amazong Moral Stories with Fun & Facts
15 Short stories with fun activity after each story. Enjoy the stories and the adventurous activi..
Rs. 85.00
Boost your Knowledge with 1001 Amazing Questions & Answers
Priya Paul FSP,  ISBN 978-81-7176-710-6 ..
Rs. 70.00
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Crossword Puzzles
Nandita Stephanie Andrade  Crossword   Puzzles ISBN 978 -81 -7176 -707 -6 P..
Rs. 60.00
Crossword Puzzles II
A Good collection of cross word puzzles which will help you increase your vocabulary and win priz..
Rs. 55.00
Dramas for Youth and Children
Various Authors,  ISBN - 978-81-7176-209-3 ..
Rs. 50.00
Five Minute Skits on Value Education
No  matter how skilled or learned one becomes, learning to cope with life is the first skill..
Rs. 60.00
Fun Learning Activity Book  - 2
Author : Dr. Pervin S. Kate ISBN978-81-7176-955-1 Price Rs. 90.00 pp 56 First Edi..
Rs. 90.00
Fun on the Stage - Plays for Pre-School Kids and Juniors
Author: Beatrice D'Souza FC   The Ten plays in this book are meant for children as y..
Rs. 50.00
Fun Time Puzzles
Puzzles which will keep you or your child engrossed for hours.   Gafoor S Abdul,&nbs..
Rs. 65.00
Fun with Rhymes (Activity Book)
Dr Pervin S Kate,  ISBN - 978-81-7176-713-7 ..
Rs. 55.00
G. K. Quiz
Nancy D’Souza FSP,  ISBN 978-81-7176-571-8 Pages 88 ..
Rs. 45.00
Grammar Desk-Work Vol. 2
Rs. 145.00
I want to be Jesus!  Over 150 Easy to Use Gospel Plays for Children - according to Liturgical Year
I want to be Jesus! What a better way to take to heart the Sunday gospel than to speak the li..
Rs. 185.00
Theresina T FSP,  ISBN 978 -81 - 7176 -590 - 4 Pages 80 ..
Rs. 35.00
More Bible Quiz
Liguorian ISBN 978 - 81 -7176 -353 - 7 Pages  64 ..
Rs. 40.00
More Riddles for All Ages
Chittarajan Andrade,  This book assures you hours of entertainment and relaxation, and c..
Rs. 35.00