You can be your best starting today

You can be your best starting today
You can be your best starting today
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By John Mason


About the Book:

In this book, John MAson shows that in spite of the thins in life that might make us want to give up, stop short or not finish the race, with God backing our dreams, there is really nothing that holds us back from achieving our very best. In the 52 nuggets of truth, the author offers ways to stay motivated and b reak down the barriers to excellence.

Leaders, entrepreuners, students, launch an all-out attack on mediocrity! Stay upbeat and energized -- be at your best -- starting today.


Author: John Mason, is bestselling author of many titles including An Enemy called Average and Your're Born and Original. Pauline Publications has published the titles --  The Impossible is Possible -- and is available on this website. .

A gifted speaker, he is the founder and president of Insight Intenational and Insight Publishing Group -- organizations dedicated to helping people realize their God given dreams. He lives in Oklahama with his family.


ISBN 978-817176-872-1

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