On Being a Leader for God

On Being a Leader for God
On Being a Leader for God
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Warren W Wiersbe

Books on leaderships abound. But are the principles upon which these books are grounded found in Scripture? Do they  describe  the   best

way of Christians to lead , knowing that they function as ambassadors for Christ as they facilitate meetings, lead people, and manage project?

In this book trusted pastor and Bible expositor Warren  W Wiersbe deals biblically with topics that are relevant to Cristian  leadership including:

* Obedience   

* Character

* Maturity 


* God's authority 

* Seizing Opportunities 

* Biblical images of leaderships 

* Measuring  management 

* Being a leader versus boss 

* Change management 

* Organizational leaderships

* Vision



ISBN - 978-81-7176-760-1

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