Light Up Your Life by George Cheruvil

Light  Up Your Life by George Cheruvil
Light  Up Your Life by George Cheruvil
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Author: George Cheruvil


Light Up Your Life! contains homespun simple truths to guide a person’s, especially a young person’s life. The book treats of 51 topics with thought-provoking reflections vital for day-to-day life: Generosity, Gossip, Grumbling, Protecting Ourselves, Discipline, Kindness, Patience, Politeness, Sincerity, Tolerance and so on.

All these beautiful gems are communicated in short pithy chapters, couched in simple language, sometimes through stories, shot through with humour.

Light Up Your Life though a small book will prove a big help to young people as well as for teachers and parents, and all those who deal with young people.

Enjoy reading and light up your life!

Price: Rs. 85.00


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