60 Saints for Kids

60 Saints for Kids
60 Saints for Kids
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60 Saints for Kids

Compiled by Michelle Mathias fsp and Caroline Duia fsp

60 Saints for Kids focuses on the lives miracles and martyrdom of some of the Saints. In today's world it is so necessary to come toknow about and beinfluenced by such admirable, devoted followers of Jesus, who have spent their entire lives serving Jesus and have even given up their lives for Jesus and His message of Love of the the Heavenaly Father, God Almighty , for humankind. In this book one will journey through different parts of the world along with sixty saints.These short stories highlight some historic facts as well as great things that happened in their time. The colourful pictures, which give life to the book will give the reader a special experience. 


ISBN 9788171768622

Price 349.00

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