Everyday Epiphanies

Everyday Epiphanies
Everyday Epiphanies
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Everyday Epiphanies-Melannie believes that God is speaking to us always: in our sorrows and joys, disappointments and successes, our fears and hopes, and that God speaks to us in our pain in a special way. It is her hope that her 175 short stories will illustrate God’s presence in everything. The topics range from the mundane to the very exciting events of life. And Scripture passages scatter throughout offering deep insights into the ways that Jesus used the occurrence of everyday living to reveal both God and grace- the brushing up of the Holy against the ordinary events of daily life.

This classic collection of Melannie’s reflections on everyday moments is a wonderful book to gift and cherish.

About the Author

Melannie SVOBODA, a Notre Dame nun, has a MA in English from Indiana University and an MA in Spirituality from Duquesne University. She has taught high school and college for over 20 years and ministered as novice director for her own congregation and served as provincial for six years. For over 30 years, she has been a freelance writer with articles in dozens of publications and has authored fifteen books. Currently Sister writes, directs retreats, and gives talks besides her pastimes that include reading, walking, listening to music, engaging in good conversations, and working Sudoku and Crossword Puzzles.

Find more on what she does in her blog: Sunflower Seeds – celebrating Everyday Spirituality.


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