Panorama of the Bible OT Old Testament

Panorama of the Bible OT Old Testament
Panorama of the Bible OT Old Testament
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While every character, story, and book of Scripture is significant in itself, stepping back for a broad, panoramic view of the entire Bible helps us to take in and understand God's single, unified plan for human history.


In this first of a two-part panorama of the Bible, noted Scripture scholar Stephen Binz shows us how all of the Bible's many parts fit together in a grand and awesome narrative. With a clear vision of this sweeping unity, we can then understand far better our own place within the storyline and our own personal role within the mission of God.


Stephen J. Binz is a biblical scholar, award-winning author, and popular speaker. He studied Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome and Jerusalem and has developed dozens of books and programs in biblical theology and spirituality, including The God of Freedom and Life: A Commentary on the Book of Exodus (Liturgical Press). He offers keynotes and workshops at church conferences and leads pilgrimages to the lands of the Bible. Information about his work may be found at


"Stephen Binz has done it again! He has written a compelling book offering a bird's eye view of the Old Testament, a road map for those willing and ready to explore further. This book will be an excellent guide for those who want a fresh overview of the Old Testament. Stephen's complementary book on the New Testament, together with this work, will be a great starting point for those wishing a solid but readable introduction to the Bible."


Brian Schmisek

Director of the Institute of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University, Chicago Author of Resurrection of the flesh or Resurrection from the Dead: Implications for Theology published by Liturgical Press


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