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The Pauline Cooperators

They are laity whom the Spirit calls to live and to share the project of Bl. Alberione and fulfil it together with the other institutes of the Pauline Family. They adhere to the Pauline ideal and are committed to incarnating it in their daily life assuming its spirituality by way of prayer, work and offerings and collaborating with us in the apostolic activities of the Pauline Family.

At present our we have active PC groups in Mumbai, Ahmedabad , Kolkata, Secunderabad, Bangalore.


Young Pauline Collaborators

Since the month of May 2012, young women and men have shown interest in wanting to good through the Pauline Apostolate. They have been coming to help in the Printing Press, Website department and wherever they could utilize their talents for the Pauline Apostolate

So in June, 2012 we founded the Young Pauline Collaborators (YPC). Sr Joeyanna D’Souza and Sr Roveinai Poumai were the Founding Directors.  The young members of this group have been doing various activities, and have also undergone some formation and training in the charism of our Founder, in order that they do their mission in the correct spirit.

We have 11 active members.

Do you think you have a vocation?

For women, vocational discernment would consist of feeling called to marriage, the life of a religious sister or nun, a consecrated member of a Secular Institute, or a Consecrated Virgin.

If you have a strong feeling that you have to do something for others or give your time to prayer, study of holy things, and service, are simple, hardworking and are of average or more intelligence, do contact us….sms whats app your name and intention to 08377979135